Group projects

Dunfermline High School

Contract Value  £110,000
Contract Period  November 2011 – May 2013
Client  BAM Construction Ltd


The works incorporated various types of fencing and handrails and had many interfaces with other trades which meant close management of labour to ensure works areas were complete and ready for use by others.

Description of works

  • Perimeter of site enclosed with 2.0m mesh panel system on several elevations
  • 3.0m high ball stop fencing
  • 1.8m high metal bowtop fencing
  • Timber wicket fencing to new courtyards and eco garden
  • Metal tubular handrails were erected to steps and retaining walls around the new all-weather pitch.

The handover dates for this project were critical due to the nature of the project where the new school had to be complete to allow demolition of the existing building.