Group projects

Jubilee Park, Edinburgh

Contract Value  £128,000
Contract Period  12 weeks
Client  The City Of Edinburgh Council
CDM Co-Ordinator  Yellowlees & Haxton
Project Manager  David Orr


The construction of the world’s largest (at the time) single unit rope climb play facility. From a greenfield site we re-modelled the landscape incorporating a very large structure.

Description of works

Hard and Soft Landscaping, play unit construction.

  • Earthworks and landscape re-modelling
  • Soft surface installation
  • Play bark installation
  • Setting out and installation of unit structure
  • Installation and tensioning of all ropes/ladders etc. to B.S.
  • Arrange independent testing of all structures.
  • Upgrading of existing stone entranceways & paths

P1 tendered for and won this contract on the open market. The CEC wished to create a record breaking installation and once completed Jubilee Park was in fact exactly that. Despite horrific weather during the installation the programme targets were met and the job was completed slightly below original budget.

The park is heavily used by children of all ages (even our MD has been to the top of the highest point!) and is visited from far and wide, it is also used as an example site for what can be achieved by a dedicated team in a short space of time working with a local authority.