Group projects

Neighbourhood Environmental Projects, Edinburgh

Contract Value  £8,000,000
Contract Period  4 years
Contract Form  SBCC MTC (2006)
Client  The City Of Edinburgh Council
Project Manager  Services for Communities


A term contract for the City of Edinburgh Council encapsulating all 6 City Districts each one managed separately but all financial aspects dealt with by a central team with the Council. The contract is issued as a series of individual instructions.

Description of works

Hard and soft landscaping and construction.

  • Fencing
  • Building construction
  • Painting & decorating
  • Car park construction
  • Play area builds & play equipment installation & renewal.
  • Drainage works – surface and foul water
  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Allotment building
  • Approvals for building warrants, planning consents & technical approvals
  • Turfing and grass seeding
  • Hard and soft landscape maintenance

P1 tendered for & won one half of this contract originally in 2005 (it has always been tendered in two lots). We then re-tendered in 2010 & again won one half of the City. Early in 2011 the contractor who had won the other half of the city went into administration; the CEC requested that we take over the entire contract giving due cognisance to the way we managed and ran the section we already had. This partnership agreement has excelled since and we remain high on the CEC approved contractors lists for all works throughout the City